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8 Ways to Make an Extended Hotel Stay Feel More Like Home

A stay during a luxurious hotel is an indulgent experience: the beds are fluffy, the pillows are plentiful, and you’ll order frozen dessert right to your room and eat it in bed as you flip through the TV channels. But after an extended trip, you’re often able to get home and sleep in your own bed.

For some business travelers, however, hotels become a home faraway from home where you’ll stay for weeks — or maybe months — on end. And there’s only numerous times you’ll eat custard in bed before it becomes less of a luxury and more like straight excess.

An extended occupy a hotel will never feel exactly like home, but when you’re living on the road, there are a couple of belongings you can do to bring a touch of coziness to the space.

Rob Burgess, the founder of the air miles blog Head for Points, told Business Insider that when he travels he puts away all the leaflets and information cards to make the room feel more like home.

“All of these brochures, leaflets, and stand-up cards on the desk, TV, side table etc. — put them during a drawer,” said Burgess.

Amy Bradley-Hole, who has worked within the hotel industry for years, penned a column that appeared on NBC News and suggested that folks invite things sort of a DVD player or an additional lamp.

“Your room might not come standard with certain amenities, but it doesn’t hurt to invite them,” Bradley-Hole wrote. “Just speak to a manager about any special requests. There could also be alittle charge for a few of those items, but it’ll presumably be worthwhile .”

You can bring something from home to form the space desire your own (hello luxury soap) or maybe bring your best furry friend along. Use the following pointers to form your bedroom feel a touch less sort of a bedroom and more like home.

Utilize the hotel’s services.

Hotels like Hyatt House tend to be found out apartment-style, with separate spaces to sleep, hang out, eat, or work. Fully equipped kitchens mean that you simply don’t need to dine out — which is sweet for your waistline, wallet, and schedule — and 24/7 on-site laundry means you’ll be ready to establish a routine albeit you’re faraway from home.

Bring something from home to embellish with.

One of the simplest parts about being house is living amongst your personal touches — photographs of family and friends, decor you’ve picked out, or your favorite scented candle. These are all things which will accompany you once you enter a hotel. We don’t suggest bringing your couch, of course, but a couple of personal touches can make a bedroom feel a touch less stark.

Take your technology with you.

We often believe certain tech items and once we don’t have them it can desire something is missing. for instance , i prefer to ask my Google Home Mini for the news every morning and use it to see the weather outlook while I’m preparing . When I’m during a hotel, however, I often start to ask it something only to understand it’s not there. But numerous of those devices are portable and may be used anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, making your hotel feel a touch more like home.

Opt for your own pillow.

A good pillow is crucial for an honest night’s sleep, and once you travel, you almost certainly miss the comfort of your own bed. While you can’t bring your whole mattress with you, you’ll bring a pillow or two to mimic that feeling of home when you’re on the road.

De-clutter the space .

Like Burgess recommended, this easy step can make a world of difference. Hotels often put in their rooms pamphlets and cards that tell you everything from how things work to where you’ll attend get food nearby. While all of this information is sweet to possess , simply putting these loose papers away can go an extended way in making an extended-stay property look more like an apartment.

Unpack immediately.

No one likes living out of a suitcase — it’s cumbersome to stay tidy and things are hard to seek out . one among the primary belongings you should do once you get to a hotel is unpack your clothes and put them away a bit like you’d reception . Then, hide your suitcase so you don’t need to constantly stare at it.

Maintain your routine.

Just because you’re during a bedroom doesn’t mean your routine has got to leave the window. If you actually wish to hit the gym at 5 p.m. every day, then you ought to still do exactly that. And if you spend one evening every week reception watching “Jeopardy” with a bowl of mac and cheese, then find how to form that your hotel routine too. it’ll assist you feel less like you’re traveling if you determine a routine while you’re away.

Bring your dog along.

Many of Hyatt House’s properties are pet-friendly, so there’s no reason to go away your best furry friend reception . Having a dog to return home to is one among the items that creates a house a home, and there’s no quicker thanks to make your extended stay feel homier than by having your dog there to greet you. But confine mind there’s often a pet cleaning fee and make certain to see for size restrictions.


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