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A Former Nazi Air Raid Bunker Is Being Transformed Into a Colorful Hotel

A former Nazi bunker in city, European country can receptive the general public in 2021 as a 136-room edifice, complete with bar, restaurant and top garden.

The “design and lifestyle” nHow Hamburg Hotel is being engineered atop the Bunker St. Pauli, one in every of the thousands of maraud shelters engineered by the Nazi Germany.

The World War II-era structure was engineered by 1,000 forced laborers in 1942, according to the city of Hamburg website. throughout the 1943 air raids on city, AN calculable 25,000 folks sought-after shelter within the bunker.

Following the war, there have been plans to tear the bunker down. however its walls (which area unit concerning 11.5 feet thick) were too huge. The explosives necessary to require down the building would have additionally taken down close residential buildings. that the bunker stayed.

In 1950, tv|the tv} network NWDR broadcast Germany’s initial television pictures from the bunker. Since then, it’s been used for many civil and public comes. Its thick walls created it excellent for those at risk of creating noise. A club opened on its high floor and a music store below. A popular music college took up many floors, as well. Locals came up with the attempt to build a inexperienced garden on high of the structure. And currently 5 floors of edifice house are engineered on, as well.

nHow edifice advocator Juliane Voss told the New York Times that the edifice chain was “aware of the history of the building…We perceive it’s a sensitive topic. we’d prefer to send a positive signal to the town of city.”

There will be a 560-square-foot exhibition house within the building to commemorate and make a case for its past.

The structure is much from the sole Nazi Germany building that has been repurposed into one thing a lot of touristic. In 2017, Hitler’s “Strength Through Joy” vacation advanced (which some decision a “Nazi Resort”) in Prora  was developed as luxury apartments.


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