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Bored of Pinot Grigio: Why not try something different? Posted on November 28, 2018

Tired of constant previous Pinot? There square measure many alternative choices from round the world, and they’re changing into ever a lot of widespread. Here square measure many to appear out for

Next time you’re apprehensively scouring a wine list, attempting to appear as if you recognize what you’re doing whereas urgently searching for one thing that sounds a) mistily acquainted and b) cheap, why not dig yourself out of your Pinot Grigio temperature and take a look at one thing new?

Here square measure many wine grape varieties that are getting a lot of widespread, and wide accessible in most off-licences and bars.

White wine glass and bottle

Picpoul American state Pinet

Hailing from the Languedoc region within the South West of France, Picpoul American state Pinet (pronounced Pickpool American state Pee-Nay) has solely been appreciated as wine since the first 2000s – before then it absolutely was higher noted for being one amongst the ingredients of wine. However, these days, it’s changing into an everyday fixture on several wine lists. With its acquainted slender bottle, kind of like that used for German wines like Riesling, Picpoul has AN increasing range of fans, and it makes the proper great-value summer drinking wine.

Picpoul is crisp and dry, a refreshing slap across the tongue with AN absence of oak. It’s excellent with any quite food, from ocean bass to oysters.


A Spanish grape selection that’s additionally creating a giant name for itself. the primary factor to understand is that Albariño grapes square measure endemic to the peninsula, and therefore the majority of Albariño wines square measure made of grapes mature in Rias Baixas, in Northwest European nation. In Portugal, the grape is termed Alvarinho, and is employed to create that country’s famed wine, Vinho Verde, that is right for sipping on a hot summer’s day. Grapes mature in cooler climates tend to supply wines that square measure crisper, drier and lower in alcohol than those created in hotter climates, and therefore the wines made of Albariño grapes are not any exception.

Albariño wines square measure crisp, quite acidic and typically with countless bright citrus notes. It’s additionally quite dry, that makes it a superb accompaniment to richer food dishes like shrimp, ceviche and food food.

Two friends enjoying white wine


Despite being one amongst Spain’s finest quality white wines, Verdejo has long languished within the shadow of the a lot of widespread Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a shame as a result of with its honey undertones and crisp, dry body, Verdejo may be a real crowd entertainer. Wines from the region should contain a minimum of 50% Verdejo grapes, with the remaining mix usually being Sauvignon Blanc or Macabeo. Wines selected Rueda Verdejo should contain a minimum of 85% Verdejo grapes, tho’ a lot of unremarkably they’re merely 100% Verdejo.

In terms of flavour, it’s a lot of in common with Sauvignon Blanc, with many floral notes and a healthy dose of acidity. not like most white wines tho’, it ages well and brings out wealthy and nutty flavours. As a rule of thumb, if you set lime in your dish, then that dish can combine well with Verdejo. It’s additionally superb aboard soft sheep’s milk cheeses, like Manchego or Feta.


For people who like aromatic, virtually floral wines, Torrontés – that originates and is generally created in Argentina – can do the work nicely. The 3 Argentinean varieties square measure Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Sanjuanino, and Torrontés Mendocino, of that the previous is out and away the foremost widespread, and usually regarded to be of the most effective quality. Despite having been somewhat pushed to the facet by the ever-popular Malbec, it remains one amongst South America’s greatest wines, partially because of a novel combination of sweet aromas and unexpectedly dry style. It’s usually used as a wine, however it’s dead acceptable as AN accompaniment to a main course too.

With AN abundance of delicate fruity notes, Torrontés wine will be simple to overpower and needs a bit delicacy to combine well. It enhances Asian and Indian food nicely, due to AN abundance of spices, and can wash down white meats with a pleasing end.

Bartender serving white wine


It’s long been the aperitivo of alternative for Italians up and down the land, and currently it’s the most important commerce sparkler within the GB, and with smart reason. Everyone’s favorite affair drink – and Italy’s most famed vino – has soared in quality since 2013, driven by high demand within the GB. an outsized a part of its charm is inevitably right down to its perceived worth – it’s usually compared with the prohibitively expensive Champagne, therefore is taken into account by several to be the sole wallet-friendly different if you’re searching for some fizz.

Prosecco is that the affair drink of alternative for several, and it actually brings that liveliness to the roof of the mouth, with a dry body however no shortage of fruity notes, enough to bring a sweet tingle to your tongue. tho’ ordinarily drunk on its own, it’s amazingly versatile, pairing well with the sharp bursts of flavour usually related to aperitifs or brunches.


The product of what’s thought to be one amongst the oldest species of grapes within the world, Moscato wine is one amongst Italy’s best-kept secrets. The Muscat Blanc grape is therefore previous that it’s currently mature worldwide in many alternative varieties, which means that there square measure many Moscato wines where you go. However, they have an inclination to share constant perfumed aroma, of orange, pear, lemon and honeysuckle.

Moscato wines tend towards the sweet facet, insured by the tremendous aroma, and square measure sometimes comparatively low in alcohol. It’s superb with Thai and Vietnamese culinary art since it enhances aromatic spice and chili pepper heat splendidly.


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