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Forget Friday, Monday Is the Day to Play Hooky — Here’s Why (Video)

The month of August is traditionally one in all the year’s busiest months for travel. Pools get thronged, costs balloon, and time period are often frenzied. The antidote? Summer Mondays.

Most folks have Friday in our back pocket just in case we’d like an extended weekend away. however taking weekday off could be a far better bet. compact in between the weekend crowds—who usually check up on on Sunday—and the business swarm that checks in on weekday, Sunday nights away are often blissfulness. You won’t be competitive with the plenty throughout busy travel times and may avoid wasting cash too, since Sundays tend to be a less standard night of the week at several hotels.

HotelTonight, the booking app that enables users to create discounted instant bookings, has been following the trend. The company’s corporate executive, Sam Shank, says, “This summer and into fall, we’re encouraging bookers to embrace Summer Mondays, taking weekday off work rather than Friday, as Sunday night rates ar, on average, half-hour not up to the remainder of the week, particularly compared with Fridays and Saturdays. additionally to landing a good deal, travelers will benefit of nice building amenities just like the top pool and bar, while not the crowds—a win-win.”

Average Sunday night rates on the HotelTonight platform this month include: metropolis ($117), Atlanta ($120), Charleston ($145), London ($146), San Diego ($162), national capital ($162) and metropolis ($167). These costs ar expected to remain stable, or maybe drop, through Sep.

Mel Dohmen, a senior whole manager at Orbitz.com, seconds taking Summer Mondays as a wise strategy for a additional chill expertise, and substantial deals. Booking knowledge from the positioning shows whole number growth this summer for Friday through weekday stays.

Mel explains, “Summer Mondays ar nice for anyone WHO desires to skip out on long lines at the field or building since Sunday could be a standard travel day home for several vacationers. There’s additionally the advantage of having a day to relax and benefit of a number of the building amenities which may be additional thronged on a Friday or Saturday. You’ll have less competition for that excellent poolside spot or dinner reservations at that building or bar you’ve been eager to check up on.”

According to knowledge from Orbitz.com, a number of the most effective markets for excellent Summer weekday rates ar Paris, London, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Stress reduction and relaxation ar 2 key components that build Summer Mondays appealing. Mel elaborates, “If you’re somebody WHO tends to urge the Sunday Scaries, this trend is unquestionably for you. quiet on Sunday night and having that further day to ease into the work week is worthwhile for a great deal of vacationers.”

In addition to discounts, hotels usually provide Sunday evening activities and perks to sweeten the deal. Santa Monica’s Shore Hotel is one in all many properties we tend to talked to it offers special programming for Sunday night guests. The hotel’s head, Gerry Peck, says, “Mondays ar nice for travelers WHO get pleasure from the quieter setting — we tend to cater to them with aware Mondays in our Meditation Garden. Here, between 7 and 8 p.m. on Sunday and weekday evenings, guests ar invited to apply complimentary self-guided meditation within the tranquil garden setting complete with candle lighting, meditation poufs, and calming scents.”

If we tend to haven’t you convinced you however, Summer Mondays will simply be paired with different travel savings, like a booking on a 3rd Night Free promotion (if you’ll take weekday off as well). And, to knock Summer weekday costs down even additional, keep in mind that hotels usually get cheaper the nearer you get your travel date (as critical airlines, which supply the foremost discounted flights a minimum of 3 weeks out.) knowledge from HotelTonight shows that same-day building rates ar, on average, 10% but booking the day before. The longer you wait within the day, the better. Rates ar the best at 8 a.m. then increasingly decrease. costs drop dramatically around 4 p.m., and waiting till 8 p.m. brings them down an extra 5-10 %.


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