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How Anthony Bourdain Finds Amazing Restaurants Everywhere He Goes

“Food is that the best window into a culture and also the most direct expression of character and history of an area,”says Anthony Bourdain. And he ought to understand. As Associate in Nursing former skilled cook and currently travel TV host, he’s visited roughly a 120 countries over the years.

Yet with such a lot of selections currently, it are often frustrating (and tedious) to seek out nice restaurants once you’re traveling. Here’s a Bourdain-approved cheat sheet.

1. No Photos

“You wish to travel to an area wherever there’s locals solely. No photos of the food, the menu isn’t in English and there ar folks feeding there that appear as if they are going there a great deal.”

2. hunt for simply three Things

“My favorite restaurants ar ones wherever they solely do 2 or 3 things. an area that will 3 things and it’s like they’ve been doing those self same 3 things for a really long time—that’s a extremely healthy sign. If they need a menu that’s everywhere the place, if they need a hamburger or Asian fusion and it’s not in Asia, these square {measure} all worrisome to me.”

3. Don’t Stress a few Dirty rest room

“I wont to say a grimy rest room was a proof you must not be feeding during a building. I’ve learned the alternative is true. a number of the simplest food experiences I’ve ever had ar places they extremely don’t provides a shit that. They understand their food is nice and that’s enough.”

4. Pets ar Fine

“If you see a dog during a building, they’re feeling pretty assured regarding their food.”

5. Bypass Tour teams

“If there’s tour teams in there—even if you’re during a tour group—abandon them as a result of they’re planning to the incorrect place. simply notice Associate in Nursing excuse, feign a stroke or Associate in Nursing attack of violent symptom, however go away.”

6. Follow the Crowds

“You’re ne’er planning to get that magic meal if you’re not willing to require an opportunity on a nasty one. Walking with zero preparation into an area [and] you see a bunch of Romans in there [and] they appear to be having an honest time—try it. perhaps it’s not smart, however if you attend the place that the caretaker says, ‘All the Americans appear to love it’ — that ensures that you simply can have a nasty meal.”

7. Avoid Americans

“If there ar alternative Americans in there—in any number—chances ar, you’re within the wrong place. If you attend ny searching for a shop, you don’t wish to travel to a shop with folks crammed from the geographical region taking footage of every alternative. you would like to travel to a shop that’s full of New Yorkers. Not as a result of New Yorkers ar notably nice, it’s simply that, likelihood is that, that’s an honest shop.”


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