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How This All-Inclusive Resort Exceeded My Expectations

We partnered with Couples Resorts to dispel all-inclusive vacation myths. At Couples Resorts in Jamaica, the truth is such a lot better than you’ll imagine. Learn more here.

Couples Resorts may be a portfolio of 4 all-inclusive resorts on the north coast of Jamaica between Ocho Rios and Negril. All the properties—Couples Sans Souci, Couples caught in a frenzy , Couples Tower Isle, and Couples Negril—are couples-only and kid-free, and offer similar amenities with slightly different draws. Carrie Dennis may be a writer and editor who visited Couples caught in a frenzy in Negril in early October 2018 together with her partner, Tyler.

Many believe all-inclusive vacations to be daunting and unfamiliar, which is wholly unfair to resorts that are literally , truly amazing. And as someone who had never been to an all-inclusive resort before, I sure had tons of misguided ideas about what an all-inclusive vacation would be. It’s important, however, to humbly confront biases, which is strictly what my S.O. Tyler and that i did on a recent trip to Couples caught in a frenzy . Our fabulous stay in Jamaica completely changed how I felt about all-inclusive resorts. Below, you’ll see a number of the myths we believed before our trip, followed by how Couples Resorts totally busted them.

Myth: There’s nothing to try to to but drink by the pool.

Reality: Drinking and hanging out by a pool are fantastic ways to spend time, of course, but variety is important . We also watched nightly performances on the most stage, made new friends at the Martini Bar, danced on a light-up disco floor at Aura Lounge, and sang along to Ultimate Chocolate’s smooth tunes at the nightly piano singalongs. and people were just our nighttime activities!

During the day, we went on a snorkeling excursion, sailed down the coast on a catamaran to ascertain cliff jumpers at the famous Rick’s Cafe (and then swam through caves ourselves), ran a couple of miles at the gym, got massages at the spa, chatted up other guests, and dreamed of hiking to ascertain the seven-tiered waterfall at YS Falls (one of the many off-campus excursions available to guests)… but eventually realized we didn’t have any longer room in our schedule. As Steve Wiltz, a two-time guest we met at the Piano bar, said, “There are numerous amenities available at this property, we still haven’t had the time to even enjoy all of them!”

Myth: The food situation is grim.

Reality: Not only is that the food ridiculously tasty, but you’ll get whatever quite cuisine you crave. We had succulent fish tacos at the healthy-option Seagrapes, juicy jerk chicken at the poolside Cabana Grill, excellent Asian at Lemongrass, hearty brunches at The Palms, and fillet at Feathers, the fanciest option of all—and we still didn’t try everything. What impressed us the foremost , however, was something we need to experience by pure luck: we happened to be at the resort on the night of Couples Swept Away’s 20th anniversary party, when tables upon tables were piled high with lobster tails, prawns, Cornish hens, roasted pork, grilled steak—the list goes on. it had been tremendous.

Each Couples Resorts property has its own selection of restaurants that follow a formula almost like Swept Away’s, so you’ll find a spread of cuisine in the least the properties. If you actually want to be blown away, though, visit during one among its anniversary parties.

Myth: You’ll be offered only frozen drinks.

Reality: Admittedly, this isn’t such a nasty myth, as piña coladas are delicious and that i definitely drank my justifiable share of that daiquiri , but my beverage consumption was also punctuated by the occasional carefully crafted martini, also as non-alcoholic combinations of fresh-squeezed juices (my favorite was a papaya and ginger concoction). At Seagrapes, our server Delbert even ventured out from behind the bar to urge us a freshly cracked coconut. Basically, you’ll drink whatever you please, including frozen bevs—but definitely not limited to them.

Myth: Lazy resort life will throw off my fitness routine.

Reality: Tyler and that i are pretty good about keeping our gym and running routines up while we’re traveling, and therefore the resort’s sports facilities made that incredibly easy. Couples caught in a frenzy is right for active-minded folks, because it has air-conditioned racquetball and squash courts and a lap pool, but each of the four properties comes complete with aerobics, yoga, aquasize, golf, and a totally equipped gym, plus tennis courts with a lesson included.

Myth: The vibe are going to be scammy.

Reality: numerous activities are included together with your stay (snorkeling, glass-bottom boat tours, catamaran cruises, and more) that you simply can easily escape without spending anything extra. For the few things that do incur additional fees, you’re never charged without prior warning, which transparency was greatly appreciated. It’s one among the explanations Brenda Weiman, a 14-time guest (!) we met at lunch at some point , continues to return back annually . “No worrying about what proportion you’re spending, no tipping, and no wearing bracelets. Not all ‘all-inclusive’ resorts are truly all-inclusive,” she said. But Couples is.

Best of all, service at Couples isn’t compromised. “When two of our favourite waitresses from trip one, after an eight-year absence, saw us within the dining room, they really screamed with delight and came running over with hugs and kisses,” Weiman recalled.

Myth: Couples will stay together and ignore everyone else.

Reality: The untold story of Couples Resorts is how remarkably friendly most of the guests are—Tyler and that i had a blast meeting people from everywhere . The carefree vibe and lovely location make it impossible to be in bad spirits (you’re surrounded by beauty; meandering paths through dense tropical flora cause stunning beach views, an indicator of each Couples Resorts property), and that’s reflected within the ease with which everyone socializes. For many, it’s a reason to return. “We are twice now. We decided we wanted to return back for our 10-year anniversary, and that we met up with a few that we stayed in touch with from 10 years ago,” said Wiltz. “We also saw a few that I remember lecture tons on our honeymoon. So reconnecting was amazing.”

Weiman had an identical experience when she and her husband were approached by two different couples on their latest trip. “One [couple who was] staying at Couples caught in a frenzy recognized us from about eight years ago, and at the anniversary party, another couple who was staying at Couples Negril recognized us from 10 years ago,” she said. “And new friendships were born.”

Tyler and that i are the sort of travelers who wish to check places off, visiting one destination then moving on to subsequent . Jamaica, however, is exceptional—we’ll most definitely be returning.

Want to cliff dive, take a catamaran cruise, and eat unlimited lobster tails? Couples Resorts is looking . Learn more here.


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How This All-Inclusive Resort Exceeded My Expectations

We partnered with Couples Resorts to dispel all-inclusive vacation myths. At Couples Resorts in Jamaica, the truth is such a lot better than you'll...

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