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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 3 Months After Customs Mistook His Honey for Liquid Meth (Video)

All Leon Haughton wished to try to to was get home when Christmas. when disbursement some days together with his family in his birthplace of Jamaica he boarded a plane back to urban center. However, rather than the same old three-hour flight, it took Leon nearly 3 months to urge home.

You see, whereas heading to the airdrome in Jamaica, Haughton created a stop at his favorite edge stand mercantilism honey. He brought it on the flight. On arrival, customs searched his baggage and located the honey. But, they didn’t believe Haughton regarding its contents as a trial showed the containers tested positive for shabu, CNN rumored. So, authorities placed Hughton below arrest. He then spent consequent 3 months in holding as they tested the honey they believed to be medication.

“They tousled my life,” Haughton told The Washington Post regarding his ordeal. “I need the planet to understand that the system isn’t right. If I didn’t have robust folks around Pine Tree State, they might most likely leave Pine Tree State in jail. You’re lost within the system.”

According to The Washington Post, throughout his time in jail Haughton lost his job. Even now, months when his unharness, he’s still reconstruction. when 20 days, a second take a look at came back showing the containers had nothing in them however nectar, The Washington Post rumored. Yet, somehow, it’d be two additional months before he was unleash.

“Once I came out, all my insurances folded, my credit was destroyed,” he to boot told CNN. “I lost my job, everything. {they just|they only|they Pine Tree Staterely|they simply|they solely} left me a multitude.”

The reason for his extended jail keep, The Post rumored, was thanks to Haughton’s standing as a legal permanent resident of the us with a positive identification. His arrest triggered a federal detention order, the paper noted, that extended his time in jail.

“It’s common that individuals UN agency square measure command in criminal custody with ICE detainers have their detentions prolonged so the costs square measure unemployed,” Emma jock, a employees lawyer for the yankee Immigration Council, told The Washington Post.

Finally, when those 3 months, well when the tests came back negative, and when Haughton’s third bail review, he need to come back. Still, the injury to his life has been done. “I’m afraid to even travel right away,” Haughton told The Washington Post. “You’re innocent, and you’ll be able to find yourself in jail.”

According to CNN, customs offered to relinquish him his honey back. He declined their supply.


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