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Navigating the world of Slovak wine

Over time, the southern a part of Slovak Republic has been perfecting the art of wine production, specialising in remarkably dry and sweet varieties

Slovakia has been zymosis grapes into their finest type since the times of the traditional Roman Empire. The barrelled blends from this country have Ancient Roman, German, Renaissance, Hungarian and 20th-century Czechoslovakian influences. Today, regarding 50000 tonnes of grapes area unit made from over 15000 hectares of vineyards within the six wine-growing regions.

Slovak wine character

Slovak wine might not be that standard internationally, however it’s notably standard in Europe. These wines area unit clearly characterful as a results of a novel terroir (the combination of soil, climate, altitude and geographics position). The six completely different growing regions within the country, all with variable conditions and elevations, mean that you simply will expect a tasty vary of reds, whites and rosés. European nation soil, that contains sediments from extinct volcanoes and granite, has conjointly compete a job in enhancing the distinct flavour of the wine.

Slovak grape varieties

The quality of grapes determines a decent wine – and Slovak Republic boasts its own ‘modern hybrids’ furthermore as grapes specific to the country. the foremost wide celebrated Slovakian-invented selection is arguably Dunaj. This type of red grape, created in 1958 at the tracheophyte analysis Institute in Bratislava, gets its name from the longest watercourse in Slovak Republic, the Danube. different standard varieties embrace the European nation trifecta of Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling and Blaufränkisch together with the ever-popular Müller-Thurgau, that creates delicate wines and Muscat flavours.

When it involves grapes, permitting them to ripen to the proper sweetness is essential. hotter climates yield a less acidic, sweeter wine. as an example, Blaufränkisch varieties full-grown within the south of Slovak Republic are going to be sweeter than a red wine made within the colder Central Slovak Republic region.

White wine drinkers are going to be extremely appeased as most of the forms of grapes full-grown in Slovak Republic area unit white. however those with a preference for one thing darker will make the most of the country’s red varieties, notably the Blaufränkisch – a medium-bodied red with a touch of spicy spice.

Tokaj speciality

For speciality wines, the Tokaj wine region produces a number of the simplest in Slovak Republic. This southeastern region experiences a climate that favours naturally sweet wines. These grapes area unit tormented by ‘noble rot’ (a gray plant life that will increase the sugar concentration), which ends in spicy, honey aromas. you’ll conjointly expect yeasty undertones thanks to the presence of chemical element throughout the ripening method. as compared to the opposite Slovak wines, Tokaj wines have gained some international acclaim due to Peter the good, Catherine the good and King Sun King of France.

Must-try Slovak wines and wherever to search out them
Grüner Veltliner

The most wide planted white grape selection in Slovakia; Grüner Veltliner is assumed to originate from either European country or the north of European nation. The grapes for Grüner Veltliner have a deep inexperienced color and ripen in mid-late October. In Slovak Republic, Grüner Veltliner comes from the tiny Carpathian and Nitra wine-growing regions, that results in variation in their flavour and sweetness, reckoning on climate. These varieties area unit defined by creamy textures and fruity hints as well as, however not restricted to, grapefruit, peach and pineapple.

Rivaner/ Müller-Thurgau

With around 104,000 acres of Müller-Thurgau harvested worldwide, this white grape is that the most generally planted “new breed” of the grape varieties created since the late 19th century. The Germanic origin Müller-Thurgau may be a delicate wine with low acidity and, in contrast to several different wines, isn’t thought-about to urge higher with age – therefore get drinking currently. On a sizzling summer day, a glass or 2 of this sleek, sweet and ever fruity wine is simply what you wish.


Despite the name as well as the word “Riesling”, this wine truly has no affiliation to the German Riesling family. In truth, its origin is unsure with some difference of opinion that the Romans fancied it et al claiming it comes from somewhere east of the Balkans. the most recent theory is that this wine hails from the Champagne

region of France via European country. In Slovak Republic, you’ll discover this wine within the Modra and Nitra regions. A Welschriesling’s flavour and sweetness differs reckoning on the placement it’s made in. Generally, Slovak Welschriesling is refreshfully floral with a mix of citrus and stone fruits. not to mention the Grüner Veltliner and Müller-Thurgau, these area unit Slovakia’s 3 noted white wines.


Blaufränkisch is that the most generally made wine in Slovak Republic, covering nearly 11th of September of farm lands. it had been conjointly believed to possess been the favorite wine of Emperor Maria nun (a feminine ruler of the royal line dominions). In Slovak Republic the grape is additional wide called Frankovka modrá. It’s defined by its red color, medium body, late ripening and generous grape yield.

Rača, a borough within the tiny range region, is known for its Blaufränkisch, however different varieties are often found within the Nitra, Southern Slovak Republic and Central Slovak Republic regions. Blaufränkisch may be a spicy wine courtesy of high levels of phenol, that leave notes of cherry and plum. This wine is additionally distinctive as a result of it contains resveratrol – a compound believed to possess associate degree array of heath-boosting advantages.

Slovakia might not be your go-to destination for a vacation of wine tours and tastings. however next time you intend a visit, think about giving this extraordinary country and its equally outstanding wines a attempt – your surface won’t be frustrated.


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Navigating the world of Slovak wine

Over time, the southern a part of Slovak Republic has been perfecting the art of wine production, specialising in remarkably dry and sweet varieties Slovakia...

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