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This Grocery Chain Has the Best Reputation of Any Major Company in America

Even if you don’t board one amongst the six states that presently  have a Wegmans—New royal family, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia, for the record—you’ve possible still detected of the 90-plus location grocery chain. Wegmans perpetually finds itself towards the highest of surveys on things like customer experience and best workplaces. As a result, even though you’re the skeptical sort, you most likely have a opinion that, at the terribly least, Wegmans could be a good place to buy. however the results of a replacement survey counsel that this love for Wegmans is even additional prodigious than we tend to imagined: the grocery store finished ideal atop The Axios Harris Poll’s annual list of company name Rankings.

For the poll, over 6,000 folks across the state square measure surveyed to initial nail down the 100 “most visible companies” within the country. From there, another cluster of over 18,000 Americans square measure interviewed to work out every company’s name ranking. Seven firms achieved “excellent” name scores, as well as 2 grocery chains: Wegmans at ideal, and Publix within the sixth spot. (Amazon, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, Walter Elias Disney, and Samsung rounded out the cluster.) And in fact, somebody should end at the bottom: solely 2 employers had “critical” scores: The U.S. Government, that finished dead last, and, slightly on top of it, Phillip Morris. (Fitting the theme, Trump Org. finished one step higher at #98.)

Two alternative food brands of note were McDonald’s and Chik-fil-A, each of that were enclosed on the list of biggest declines. McDonald’s born from #59 to #88; Chick-fil-A born from #4 to #22.

“Supermarkets square measure the largest winners within the recent and healthy revolution,” the report states. “Wegmans ranks #1 this year and leads high 10 rankings in Culture, Ethics and Citizenship, recognized in native communities for hiring native talent, fostering the living of its force and representing an area reprieve from a hepatotoxic culture. shortly behind, Publix (#6), Kroger (#21) and Aldi (#23) hierarchal high for Trust, Ethics, Culture.”

The report conjointly offers another attention-grabbing breakdown: Wegmans finished ideal for 3 of the four generations listed: Millennials, Boomers, and silent movie. except for generation X, Wegmans isn’t even within the high 10. perhaps if the grocery chain simply tense additional Pearl Jam into the stores, it may have scored even higher.


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