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This Seaside Italian Village Is Lit Up With Thousands of Torches Every Year, and the Photos Are Pure Magic

Every year in August, a village in northwestern Italia lights up the night sky with 2,000 Roman torches.

The Madonna Bianca pageant in Portovenere, Italia happens once a year on Aug. 17, and it’s a night of beauty, light, and music in honor of the village’s protector. however what precisely is that this ceremony, and why has it endured for many years? the solution lies deep in Italian culture and Roman Catholic religion.

The Origins of Madonna Bianca

The story of Madonna Bianca begins on Aug. 16, 1399, once the whole region of Portovenere was underneath French occupation and was stricken by the plague, consistent with Discover Portovenere. throughout this point, an area pious man far-famed solely as Lucciardo knelt ahead of a painting of The Virgin|The Virgin|Blessed Virgin|Madonna|Jewess|mother|female parent} Mary to wish for his village. throughout this point, Lucciardo is claimed to own searched to check this painting suddenly light in a very bright, white light-weight — that is why it’s currently referred to as the “White Madonna,” or Madonna Bianca. According to Do In Italy, some accounts say the image even began to move and its colours became additional vivacious. once he witnessed this sacred event, the plague much nonexistent from Portovenere, and Lucciardo thought of this to be a miracle.

According to Discover Portovenere, the painting itself was a worn, faded, hand-drawn piece of parchment portraying Virgin Mary, the mother of Israelite, holding Associate in Nursing babe Savior on her lap and clasping her hands in prayer. it’s aforementioned that the painting washed toward land in Portovenere nearly 200 years previous, in 1204, in a very cedar trunk that came from a ship from Lebanon, consistent with  La Giara del Centro.

After Lucciardo’s miracle, the painting was moved to the Church of San Lorenzo wherever it’s still on show these days.

Madonna Bianca pageant

Today, thousands of worshippers prove to celebrate this miraculous happening virtually to the day. once a year on Aug. 17, there ar many spiritual ceremonies command throughout the day, consistent with La Giara del Centro. At night, however, the $64000 celebration begins.

Around sunset, the village is crammed with devotees for an oversized procession that runs through the village’s slender streets, primarily between Bryon’s grot and also the rocks of Punta San Pietro, passing by the Church of San Lorenzo wherever the initial painting is unbroken. throughout the procession, folks sing pious songs, carry candles and lights, embellish the streets with flowers, and a choose few carry a sculpture tributary of the White Madonna herself.

Of course, the whole procession is started with a Holy Mass. consistent with Italyscapes, this year, the mass began at 8:30 p.m. local time, and also the procession instantly began after around 9:15 p.m. The 2,000 lights on the shore of this sleepyheaded fishing village utterly light the ocean below, that could be a actually beautiful and one-of-a-kind sight to see.

Getting to Portovenere

Summer is typically the height season for ferries between V Terre and Portovenere, however it’s far and away the most effective thanks to get to the village since there aren’t any direct ways in which there. Your best bet instead is to remain in one in all the cities of V Terre and travel over for the pageant. Most ferries are going to be hop-on, hop-off and price €30, with discounts for youngsters. There ar updated timetables available online, however you’ll usually assume boats are going to be outward-bound between increments of 40 minutes to 1 hour. So, if you miss a ship, you’ll simply wait a touch whereas for succeeding one.

There also are many hotels in Portovenere if you’d rather look forward to a ship within the morning. Trip Advisor has several recommendations for accommodations that employment best for you and your budget.

Whether you’re non secular or not, this fabulous pageant of lights that happens each summer is unquestionably Associate in Nursing expertise you’ll wish on your bucket list.


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