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Which glass do I serve which wine in?

Finding the proper glass for your wine is straightforward with the assistance of this straightforward guide

Navigating the planet of wine glasses will be notably discouraging. For those with enthusiasm for libations of the hard grape kind, however ar removed from old connoisseurs, knowing wherever to start will be a challenge. However, even wine drinkers ignorant in art (the science and study of wine and winemaking) will appreciate the distinction between slurping lukewarm wine from a plastic cup and sipping that very same label, chilled during a sparkling crystal glass. to travel into a lot of detail and make sure that you recognize your thin-rimmed flutes from your machine-made goblets, this guide can share the various glasses that ar appropriate for the various wines.

Red versus white

Red wine is sometimes served in massive glasses, whereas wine is historically served during a medium-sized wine glass with a U-shaped bowl. the most reasons are:

  • A larger red-wine glass has a larger surface area, allowing the wine to come into contact with the air and breathe.
  • A larger glass also means that you can dip your nose into the bowl to appreciate the aromas – after all, our sense of smell and taste are intricately linked.
  • A regular white-wine glass with a U-shaped bowl can help to maintain the usually cool temperature of white wine longer.
  • A regular glass can also retain an array of sweet and refreshing aromas associated with white wines.

But it’s not all regarding the sizes, the form is very important too. thus be part of USA on a journey to find the proper glass for the proper wine.

Vector image of common types of red wine glasses
Common types of red wine glasses


Vector image of common types of white wine glasses
Common types of white wine glasses

Pinot Noir

For those seeking a lighter red mix, Pinot Noir may be a good selection with its low phenol and juicy style. decide a broad, convex bowl glass for this wine, as this structure permits the liquid to come back into contact with the air, enhancing its overall flavour.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The red wine grape selection produces a number of the world’s finest red wines, that includes dark, dense and daring characteristics. to actually capture everything this sort of wine has got to provide, you wish a tall, massive glass, with some variations closing slightly at the highest of the glass. The broad form encourages the wine to breathe, thus those sturdy flavours very arouse.


A bottle of vino is guaranteed to be deliciously dry and notably delicate. Once again, the larger the bowl, the higher the style, because the widest purpose of the bowl permits the wine to breathe. a skinny rim is additionally a significant part, creating it a simple glass to drink wine from.

Red wine being poured into glass
Burgundy is best served in a glass with a larger bowl


Seasoned vino drinkers love the sturdy and serious Bordeaux blends. this sort of wine is best served during a tall glass, as this creates a distance between wine and mouth that permits chemical element to access the tannins (and so reduce the wine’s bitterness). the peak of the glass additionally guides the wine to the rear of your mouth that maximises flavour. Note that a Bordeaux glass is additionally broad, however to not the extent of different vino glasses.

St Emilion in Bordeaux
St Emilion in Bordeaux


Out of all the white grape varieties, Chardonnay is one among the foremost well-liked, and with fruity, rich, dry, nutty and buttery qualities, what’s to not like? Chardonnay is best served within the largest and widest of the wine glasses, designed to show your mouth to the wine’s sweetness and let chemical element amplify the aromas.

Sauvignon Blanc

Ranging from refreshfully crisp and dry to overwhelming sweet, the Sauvignon Blanc grape selection even has its own vacation – the primary weekday in could is International Sauvignon Blanc Day. whereas you can’t get it wrong with a bottle of this easy-drinking selection, you’ll be able to simply decide the inaccurate glass. A smaller glass (with a smaller mouth) is a wonderful selection because it encourages the wine to the centre of your mouth, to make sure refined however focused style.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes in Marlborough Vineyard, New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc is extensively planted in New Zealand


Montrachet is unquestionably a lot of advanced than its different white counterparts and later on needs an outsized bowl, in order that the various flavours will combine with the air and become clearer.


This pale rose is that the final summer drinkable, best served cold, and with lots of sunshine. Promising floral and fruity bursts; rosé will vary in levels of sweetness. once it involves selecting the best glass, the form and size ar enthusiastic about whether or not the mix is young or mature.

A increasing lip glass with an extended stem is sometimes good for a young rosé. The structure additionally permits the wine to hit the tip of your tongue and activates your style buds right away. however if you’ve got a a lot of mature rosé on your hands, a shorter concave glass is that the thanks to visit appreciate the flavour.

Sparkling wine and Champagne

Whether you’re celebrating a big day or you’re simply in would like of one thing bubbly to raise your mood, selecting a tall and slender form glass is usually most well-liked, as a result of the tiny space helps to keep up those bubbles (carbonation) and flavours.

A flute wine glass, with a short-to-medium stem and a tall, slender bowl, is arguably the foremost common glass for all things sparkling. With this glass, your tipple will certainly stay effervescent, because the structure of the glass preserves the suffusion and also the flavorous essence. The beads incorporated at the bottom of the stem cause the bubbles to cluster along before coming back to the surface.

Bartender pouring champagne into glass
A flute glass is commonly used for champagne

Using a liliaceous plant wine glass is additionally turning into progressively well-liked, particularly at fancy parties. this sort of glass includes a slim base that widens as you go up, before narrowing at the gap. This style guarantees that no excess suffusion can escape, and also the aromas and flavours can head straight to your tongue instead of your nose.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to additionally live out your 1920 nice Gatsby dreams with a machine glass. that includes a large and shallow bowl, and a stemmed bottom, this glass oozes class and sophistication, however the big expanse will cause the bubbles and also the aroma to dissipate chop-chop, thus imbibe quick!

Two people clinking glasses of champagne or wine


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