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Would You Rather Travel With Your Phone Than a Friend? Maybe It’s Time for a ‘Mobilemoon’

This summer, a funny word began popping up in the travelsphere: mobilemoon.

“Babymoons” and “buddymoons” became antique travel trends. In 2019, WHO wants a travel companion after you have your mobile phone — apparently.

The “mobilemoon” may be a a lot of plugged-in version of the “solomoon” the big apple Times tried to form happen earlier this year. Basically, it’s simply a solo trip wherever you’re exploitation your phone.

If you’re questioning wherever the “trend” came from, you’ll pin it on Expedia.

Last month, the travel company issued the results of a survey that same, given the demand, 33% of yankee travelers would rather take their mobile phone on a visit than a travel companion. Expedia christened this development the “mobilemoon” and quickly tied the trend to their mobile app, that they same has many beneficial options for a solo individual.

Roughly simple fraction of travelers told Expedia they “prefer the liberty of traveling alone and meeting new individuals over the need to possess a vacation companion.” The numbers were particularly inclined towards youth. regarding 80% of period of time travelers and 83% of information Z in agreement with the statement.

Perhaps, for younger travelers, the motivations behind travel itself area unit dynamic . A vacation isn’t essentially regarding connecting with a partner or sharing experiences with friends. Respondents told Expedia they traveled solo to “meet new individuals and explore new places, disconnect from work and life, and improve their independence and confidence.” It appears that, progressively, travel is being seen as a catalyst for modification or for resetting oneself. 5 % of the Expedia respondents same they were intended to travel solo once seeing/reading “Eat Pray Love.”

Solo travel is, in our humble opinion, one in every of the simplest ways in which to induce to grasp oneself. A solo individual is commonly forced out of their temperature, learning to raise strangers for directions, strike up spoken language in a very edifice or navigate a route and itinerary on their own. however with the omnipresence of mobile technology (and simple staying connected whereas on the road), the hurdles of seeing the globe alone have become less discouraging.

Sure, this might be a replacement travel trend. Or we tend to may simply decision the “mobilemoon” what it is: solo travel within the digitally-dependent age.

But if the entire plan of wigs you out, you’ll simply book yourself a digital hospital ward and see however you fare while not even a phone as companion.


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